Blazing fast, Scalable, Flexible Commerce

Future proof your online business with our headless, highly scalable cloud-native commerce platform with a flexible API at its core, powered by a microservices-based architecture.

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Blazing fast, Scalable, Flexible - Senteca Commerce

Our Platform

Use our blazing fast (<100ms), microservice-based, highly scalable cloud platform to build innovative shopping experience across all touchpoints: web, mobile, IoT, AR/VR and many more.

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Our Platform - Senteca Commerce
Merchant Center - Senteca Commerce

Merchant Center

Manage your business processes using a fast and intuitive user interface. Merchant Center lets you manage product data (PIM), orders (OMS), customer data (ERP) and run campaigns for all retail channels.

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Integrations Hub

Integrate seamlessly any platform, existing third-party application, custom made tools and any other architecturally distinguishable functional solution and service.

Due to our event-driven API-based architectural approach we are able to easily connect to any platforms and third-party applications using our Integrations Hub.

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Integrations Hub - Senteca Commerce
Website Quickstart - Senteca Commerce

Website Quickstart

You have head-start and lower time-to-market to deliver super fast highly engaging Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

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