Balev Bio Market selects SentecaCommerce’s headless cloud-native commerce platform

The Bulgarian pioneer in bio and organic retail market, Balev Bio Market, has chosen SentecaCommerce to power its omni-channel operations. The decision to migrate from Magento to a headless, API-first solution comes during a period of unprecedented growth in e-Commerce sales and growing customer expectations.
“The grocery retail business in Bulgaria is on the frontier of a fundamental transformation. Beyond convenience today’s customers are searching for consistent, reliable and superior shopping experiences. It’s a privilege to have won the trust of the premier retailer of bio products – Balev Bio Маркet. Their immense experience and product range, powered by our next generation e-Commerce technology will deliver innovative and naturally intuitive shopping experiences and increase sales conversions.” shares the management team of SentecaCommerce.
“We are firm believers that bio and natural foods are not only better for us, but also for society and nature. Our mission is to stimulate a healthy living alternative for the regular consumer. Our clients are connected, well informed and educated. They are very selective in terms of what their families consume and their purchase pattern almost always starts online. This is why e-Commerce is at the heart of our overall business strategy. In the last several years we have been using Magento, which is a heavy system and comes with lots of  limitations that at one point began to adversely impact user experience and sales. We chose SentecaCommerce’s next-generation headless platfrom because we view this technology as the key to greater agility, limitless scalability and unrivaled business flexibility.” states Rumil Manov, Retail Manager at Balev Bio Market Ltd.


About SentecaCommerce:

SentecaCommerce is a next-generation headless e-Commerce system with a microservices-powered software architecture that decentralizes and separates the various functionalities into separate services, which then communicate with each other in an extremely flexible API-based, event-driven environment. This type of software architecture is gaining popularity worldwide because it provides businesses with unparalleled speed, improved SEO optimization, automatic scalability at peak traffic, 99.9% guarantee of service availability, and unlimited flexibility in integrating new functionalities and services. All this at a reduced Total Cost of Ownership.


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