Platform ready for the post-web era

It’s 100% cloud-native. It’s 100% API-first. It's 100% global. Address audiences across all digital touchpoints.

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Platform ready for the post-web era - Senteca Commerce
Blazing Fast - Senteca Commerce

Blazing Fast

We rely on highly efficient processes and using document-based data storage so that our platform reaches average response times of <100ms per GET request.

Limitlessly Scalable - Senteca Commerce

Limitlessly Scalable

Due to its microservice-based architecture, our platform is near limitless scalable, vertical, horizontal and anyway you want them.

Super Flexible - Senteca Commerce

Super Flexible

You can assemble your perfect online business powerhouse. Combining third party solutions and stand-alone services, without making any concessions.

Highly Available - Senteca Commerce

Highly Available

Our platform is cloud-native service which is deployed on redundant hardware with automatic scaling, 24x7x365 monitoring & support and automatic backups Could-native infrastructure.

Easily Integratable - Senteca Commerce

Easily Integratable

Its event-driven API-based approach enables you to easily integrate any kind of data source or third-party applications.

Safe and Reliable - Senteca Commerce

Safe and Reliable

All deployments and communication is done via leading industry standards in security and compliance. Microservice-based design removes the single-point-of-failure.