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Head-start and lower your time-to-market to deliver super fast (less than 1 second page load times) and highly engaging user experiences.

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Blazing fast, Scalable, Flexible - Senteca Commerce

Blazing fast

Using state-of-the-art technology such as ReactJS, NodeJS and NextJS, reaching 100/100 Google Lighthouse scores, our frontends are ready to supercharge your business, independent from any backend you want to use.

Website Quickstart: Blazing fast - Senteca Commerce
Website Quickstart: SEO optimized - Senteca Commerce

SEO optimized

  • Independent Navigation Links
  • Independent Meta Titles/Descriptions/URLs
  • Independent Image ALT Tags
  • Independent H1 Headings
  • Canonical URLs
  • Auto XML Sitemap
  • 301 redirects
  • Robots Noindex Capabilities

Fully customizable user experience

  • Mobile-first responsive frontend
  • Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Fully documented and thoroughly tested
  • Seamless integration with Senteca Commerce platform
  • OpenSource on github
Website Quickstart: Fully customizable User Experience - Senteca Commerce
Website Quickstart: Product presentation with high-resolution images - Senteca Commerce

Product presentation with high-resolution images

Website Quickstart: Cart and checkout functionality - Senteca Commerce

Cart and checkout functionality

Website Quickstart: Payment and shipping - Senteca Commerce

Payment and shipping

Website Quickstart: My account section - Senteca Commerce

My account section

Website Quickstart: Search & navigation - Senteca Commerce

Search & navigation

Website Quickstart: Language-aware full-text index - Senteca Commerce

Language-aware full-text index

Website Quickstart: Comprehensive product searches - Senteca Commerce

Comprehensive product searches

Website Quickstart: Multi-store - Senteca Commerce


Website Quickstart: Multi-language - Senteca Commerce


Website Quickstart: Multi-currency - Senteca Commerce


Website Quickstart: Search and filter scoping for countries, channels and currencies - Senteca Commerce

Search and filter scoping for countries, channels and currencies