Utilize cutting-edge innovative eCommerce functionality for supporting B2C, B2B, Marketplace, Multi-Store over single-one commerce API.

B2C Commerce

Fast and secure technology for global digital commerce: With our platform you can easily handle complex business models, using its highly scalable, modern cloud infrastructure.

B2B Commerce

Our platform has a multitude of features to automate purchase processes and fortify the consumer-business relationship.


Become a platform provider with our platform: Create your digital marketplace, integrate third-party vendors and offer millions of products through our scalable cloud platform


Senteca Commerce supports companies needing to manage multiple sites and brands from a central administrative console. Common uses of this edition include managing of country and language specific sites as well as managing completely separate brands, each with their own catalog.

Beyond the Web

IoT, Chatbots, Social commerce, AR/VR, just to name a few are beyond the web solutions you can easily implement with our API-first platform.

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