Bring true competitive advantage with our API-based cloud-native commerce platform. Innovate across all channels and devices.

Scalable cloud infrastructure

Using state-of-the-art technology such as ReactJS, NodeJS and NextJS, reaching 100/100 Google Lighthouse scores, our frontends are ready to supercharge your business, independent from any backend you want to use.

Guaranteed Availability

Our platform uses state-of-the-art observability and automatic recovery processes enabling us to guarantee highest availability.

Highest Data Security Standards

We run in data centers with independently verified security, privacy and compliance so we can meet all your regulatory and policy objectives. We take all security measures to make sure that your data is always safe

Fast and Responsive Applications

We rely on document-based data storage with advanced caching mechanisms so that our platform reaches <100ms response time for data retrieval.

Automatic Scaling

Our platform scales automatically when there are traffic peaks. You don’t need to worry when Black Friday is coming up or planning your next big marketing campaign.


The microservice software architecture allows a system to be divided into a number of smaller, individual and independent services. Each service is flexible, robust, composable and complete. They run as autonomous processes and communicate with one another through APIs. Each microservice can be implemented in a different programming language on a different platform. Almost any infrastructure can run in a container which holds services encapsulated for operation. Since these containers can be operated in parallel, the existing infrastructure is easier to maintain.

API-first Solution

APIs guarantee a fast and safe exchange of information, so businesses can rely on them to connect different applications. In digital commerce, this allows brands and retailers to develop new functionalities independent of the frontend devices that their customers are using and stay prepared for the future.

Headless Commerce

Our headless commerce platform is responsible for all backend processes, calculation and data storage. It exposes all of these data through a flexible commerce API. This makes it possible to attach all kinds of frontends (“heads”) from standard webshops and mobile devices to voice assistants and car commerce scenarios.


Page loading times of < 1 second

Increased Performance

Different touchpoints have different scaling needs, so separating frontend from backend functionality improves customer experience and is budget-efficient


Full control of the frontend, without having to adhere to rigid structures laid out by the software vendor


Experimenting and A/B testing new features fast without jeopardizing backend stability

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