VMV Supermarket has implemented a cloud-native eCommerce technology from SentecaCommerce.

The latest e-Commerce technologies enabled the favorite Dianabad store to go online and deliver over 20,000 of its premium products to 52 neighborhoods in Sofia.

Vasil Mihailov, Founder of VMV Supermarket, shares: “VMV is a neighborhood store with over 20 years of history. Our vision has always been to be extremely focused on uncompromising quality and a first-class user experience. Our e-Commerce store is a natural extension to the multi-channel strategy we are pursuing and that is why we needed a very flexible and scalable technological solution, which could facilitate these goals. We are proud that quality has become a company philosophy in our physical store. We stock fresh fish from Greece and meat from local producers on a daily basis, while first-grade fruits and vegetables are carefully selected from the fruit and vegetable exchange each morning. Our physical store’s design is very carefully mapped out in order to create a unique shopping experience with a particular look-and-feel.

We chose SentecaCommerce precisely because their next-generation, headless technology allows us not only to expand the scope of our activities, but to provide a consistent user experiences across all touchpoints of our multi-channel retail. That’s why we were specifically looking for an e-Commerce platform, which allows the business to unleash 100% of its potential in terms of services, functionalities and user experience.

“While SentecaCommerce has been the solution of choice for some of the leading online retailers in Bulgaria, the project with “” was quite special because we witnessed how a very successful local business drastically expands its clientele and sales over the course of just a few days. This is a great demonstration how cloud technologies empower digital transformation for large and small businesses and turn aspirations into real-life success stories.” states SentecaCommerce.

About SentecaCommerce: The SentecaCommerce platform is a next-generation headless e-Commerce system with a microservices-powered software architecture that decentralizes and separates the various functionalities into separate processes, which then communicate with each other in an extremely fast and flexible API-based, event-driven environment. This type of software architecture is gaining popularity worldwide because it provides businesses with unparalleled speed, improved SEO optimization, automatic scalability at peak traffic, 99.9% guarantee of service availability, and unlimited flexibility in integrating new functionalities and services. All this at a reduced Total Cost of Ownership.